Creative Cosplay Ideas

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If you’ve ever been to an anime convention before, you know that not every cosplayer there is from an anime.  And while a lot fit under the video game category, there’s still a percentage who cosplay from other genres entirely – sometimes things that actually exist!  We’ve compiled a list of really cool cosplay ideas that, while not being a part of the anime field, will still get everyone in the con radius to reach for their cameras.

Starburst Berries and Cream Lad – Oh yes, we went there.  Whether you love him, hate him, or find him just plain creepy, you know who he is.  And if you cosplay him and learn the song and dance too, you’ve just upgraded yourself to Instant Con Sensation.

Ronald McDonald – Another cosplay that everyone recognizes.  This will actually work for any popular mascot – the Burger King, Wendy, etc.  Because they are so well known, these cosplays have to be done well, or with a very good twist (i.e. gothic Wendy), but they also gather lots of photographs by the end of the day.

Peanut – Have you ever heard of Jeff Dunham?  If not, stop reading right now and search him on YouTube.  So everyone’s on the same page now?  Good.  Any of his puppets would work, but Peanut is easily notable.  We’d love to see someone cosplay as Achmed, but we can’t picture a costume that doesn’t involve a super cheesy skeleton suit…

Nyan Cat – Everyone loves the adorable pixilated cat and the catchy if redundant song it moves to.  If not this, there are plenty of other internet sensations you can use.  (Charlie the Unicorn, OMG cat, etc.)

Conan O’Brien – He’s easily recognizable by his distinctive appearance, and his fame as a comedian and show host is renowned.  Even though he’s a real person, if you dye your hair and get the styling right, people will laugh just looking at you.

Some other ideas, which we’ve seen done a lot but are still cool, include a box of Pocky, Miku Hatsune, Domo, etc.  If you get creative and cosplay something that is popular and relevant to today’s society, the fact that it isn’t anime-related doesn’t really matter.  Con-goers will appreciate a costume done well from something they know about, regardless of subject, and enjoy a costume that’s wholly unique.