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Naruto Akatsuki Deidara & Team Akatsuki Cosplay Costume

This Team Akatsuki Cosplay Costume (Akatsuki Deidara & other Akatsuki team members) Package includes: Coat.

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Akatsuki in its literal meaning would mean dawn or day break. It is also an organization wherein its goal is a criminal brotherhood wherein they collect the entire tailed beast for their plan of world domination. Become a valuable team player as your wear your cosplay costume and function very well and accomplish your tasks and overcome mutual problems among each other. Although some of its members to strengthen their own goals, they are all still united for the main goal of world domination. Wear your very distinct wardrobe and make the crowd be alert due to your presence. Members of the team wear a long dark cloak with red clouds. The cloak has red interior and a chin-high collar. Such red clouds represent the rain of blood during wartime. The symbol was also seen as a representation for justice. Do not forget to wear black nail polish on your fingers and toenails. Akatsuki team is the most wanted criminal group in the Naruto series. This particular Akatsuki team cosplay coat is always one of the top sellers on our shop. This is a popular product and is a must-have outfit for all the cosplayers who love dressing Akatsuki! Famous characters are Deidara, Hidan, Kisame Hoshigaki, Kakuzu, Konan, Orochimaru, Nagato, Sasori, Itachi Uchiha, Madara, Uchiha, Yahiko and Zetsu.To play Akatsuki you will have a very distinct wardrobe which is very apparent to any village that you enter. You will wear a long and dark robe with symbolic red clouds and you will have a hooded mantle. The red clouds on the robe stand for the blood that fell during the Amegakure war. This is seen as a symbol for justice and all members will put on black nail polish. For Akatsuki cosplay you will have to put on a conical straw hat with tassels hanging over your face. Many members will cross the symbols on the protectors of their forehead and some may not wear them at all. You will have to wear a ring at all times with a kanji on different fingers. Depending on what member you are in the Atasuki cosplay you can adjust your outfit and your demeanor. This is a criminal organization that has the intention of collecting tailed beasts for the purpose of world domination. There are approximately 10 members of the group who were each criminals in each of their villages. The members must function with each other and with each task that they are assigned. They do conflict with each other, but they must get along to accomplish their world domination goal.


give me more discount pls.Review by Sam E
Great variety of costumes and props. I have ordered from here before, and I've recommended the website to my sister who has also purchased from here before. (Posted on 2/28/2018)
Just hope I measured everything correctly.Review by Tyler Mansfield
It is quite good! I thought it will take more time for the tailoring...the process is surprisingly fast! (Posted on 1/9/2018)

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