Call to Cosplay Airing Tonight

Whether you’re a fan of cosplay media or have a subscription to Crunchyroll, you’ve probably heard of the new Myx TV show Call to Cosplay. The show offers two participants a theme, a budget, and 8 hours to craft a costume to compete for a cash prize. Costumes and performances will be evaluated by a panel of judges and scored on four main criteria: authenticity, creativity, “wow” factor and craftsmanship.

Each of the six episodes will have a theme: sports anime, magical girls, American/non-Japanese characters, throwback anime (pre-1990) and heavy metal armor throw-down. The series is hosted by Keith Kawamura.

The first episode aired on June 30th and gave introduction to the hosts and cosplayers but we’ll get a real taste of this game show spin on cosplay tonight at 10pm EST when the second episode becomes available for premium users on Crunchyroll (and free users on 7/22). Take the day to catch up and watch the first episode or some of the bonus content found on their Youtube!