Gundam Seed

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Wear Kira Yamato’s accessories when you cosplay the life living in neutral space and become the pilot to protect your friends. Cosplay Athrun Zala and use all his accessories as you become a certified member from the Naturals’ military organization. Cosplay Lacus Clyne and use your good natured and popular female voice when you cosplay and use your accessories. Cosplay Cagalli Yula and wear your accessories to fight war. Gundam Seed incorporates action, drama, horror and science fiction into package. Space colonies and space navies would be significantly occupying your desires to these action-packed military and robot-space colonies. Gundam SEED has been praised for being a stand-out in a long line of Gundam series. The story has been praised for its battle sequences. The character-driven scenes gave emphasis to one another.

The climax has also been praised for bringing unexpected inclusions within the war. It also provided revelations regarding the characters' roles. A common comment was that Gundam SEED blended elements. These elements were incorporated from previous Gundam series and displayed it in fast-paced way. Hence, it made it enjoyable to younger fans. It still engages older fans who are familiar with previous series. The natural space colony is known as Heliopis, having the top-secret weapons and research facility. They basically produce Gundams for the earth alliance. The ZAFT attacks Heliopis. The war happens among individual beliefs. Gundam SEED takes place in a parallel timeline called the Cosmic Era. Mankind has developed into two subspecies. The first is called the Naturals, who reside on Earth. The second are called the Coordinators, known to be the genetically-enhanced humans capable of withstanding the rigors of space. They inhabit the orbital colonies. The story focuses on a young Coordinator named Kira Yamato. Kira became involved in the war between the two races. This happened after a neutral space colony was invaded by the Coordinators. The story, set during the Bloody Valentine War, begins in the neutral space colony Heliopolis. This is where secret development of advanced mobile suits for the Naturals' war effort is being conducted.