Pandora Hearts Accessories

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Bring your whip and surprise everyone. Make sure you wear your ribbons and other cute accessories when you cosplay the series. The story of Pandora Hearts starts when Oz turns fifteen. During the ceremony to celebrate this reaching of adulthood, he was dragged into the abyss due to the sins of his existence. There he meets a young girl named Alice. Alice turns out to be a Chain. The main character of the story, is a fifteen year old boy named with blond hair and green eyes. You will surely enjoy being wild and free as you go blonde and wear these wigs. Oz is from a prestigious Vessalius family whose father is Zai is the reigning lord. The mother of Oz was killed by the family of Nightray. Oz continues to be bright, positive and energetic despite all the crisis that happened to his life. Oz makes a contract with her in order to escape the Abyss. When he returned to the real world, a total of ten years have passed already. For him to find out what is the meaning of sin, he began to work as part of the Pandora. When he was young, he worked hard to gain praise and recognition from his father. However, he had discovered that his father hated him to the point of not wanting to touch him.