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The Legend of Heroes is a game which is constructed by a series of maps that consists of the world which a the field maps and the town maps. Each character may take combat and choose from the accessories of the characters. Estelle Bright is the main female character of the game, who is naive, energetic and positive. She is very boyish both in appearance and hobby, loving to fish and collect sports shoes. Joshua Bright is the main male character who is quiet with his harmonica as an accessory and hobby and during in combat he uses dual swords. Tita Russel is a female child who is skilled in machinery and an apprentice in the workshop. She is a well-loved character. Scherazard Harvey was picked up by a traveling circus as a child, she is good in dancing, cards and thief skills. Her hobby is drinking,and she's often seen drunk during the game. Cosplay and use the accessories of these characters. Most of the time, a number of individuals would form their identity by deeply associating themselves with all the characters and fictional stories embodying them. An intimate interaction occurs in the cosplayer and the character in the world of cosplaying.