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Video game costumes are now more than an ordinary casual practice. Cosplaying video games costumes bring socialization and increase in market promotion as well. Our team here in continuously caters to your plans of engaging into cosplaying video game characters. The term cosplaying was coined in the 1980s by the game designer Takahashi Nobuyuki when he encountered the costuming practices of American fans on a visit to the United States. Video game enthusiasts would like to go and attend to conventions, meet new people through cosplaying and have a great social life, learn about latest trends and at the same time immerse themselves into the cosmos of cosplaying which would eventually increase the span of one’s core group, acquaintances and other people. The main reason is that meeting people would widen knowledge on what is the latest trend in video games, ideas, and critiques for a more successful cosplay. Cosplaying, nevertheless is a culture and present in a microcosm of limits and possibilities. Cosplay would take a specific context of the society usually taking note of fan conventions or get-togethers. Cosplaying is more entwined with the public domain. For instance, cosplayers would gather in parks, fields or even in other public areas just to showcase their talents and work of art. It is evident that cosplaying has been a part and parcel of the culture both in Asia and in Western Countries. Cosplay shops sell cosplay articles, such as wigs with different styles and colors, accessories for a certain and specific character and even full costumes of a character of choice. The fan tradition of dressing up for video game characters and cosplay traces its roots and has a long history where fans wore outfits from series for market promotion. The live-action role-playing, wherein enthusiasts base their costumes on certain video games combine them with performances.

Video game costumes are often portrayed by cosplayers who attend in special events and convections. This would only mean that this would involve video games which are very popular to a culture or a certain trending game. Popularity has inflated and grown by adopting the practice of wearing cosplay video game costumes and creating a cosplay skit. Cosplay in all parts of the globe is definitely a form of performance. Examining fan cultures in different countries, as a performance is not entirely new trend and had been done for years. Cosplayers are focused not only in the magic of their costumes but in their performances as a cosplayer as well.