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“Top Cosplay Ideas Editorial Picks” present some answers to a cosplayer’s personal queries about costumes and accessories in the world of Cosplay. It is not absolute perfection as to ideas per se, but what matters is our efforts to boost your ideas and to make you feel more inspired, everyday, all the way. Choose from our picks such as for a certain age group like for kids or for a certain gender like for female or for male We also have Couple Cosplay Ideas , Sexiest Cosplay Ideas, Quickest Cosplay Ideas for Male and Female, Top Easy Cosplay Ideas, For Beginners Cosplay, Plus-Size Cosplayers and others. We would always want the best for you as cosplayers, definitely our editorial staff would always research best sellers from the trending scenes of cosplay-fashion, such trends and news from other cosplay resources and blog sites help us to inspire you for last minute tips and guides as to how to execute the perfect costumes for your desires and genre and type. Since our products are all designed to fit your style and desire. It doesn’t matter if you are a superstar, a seasoned cosplayer, or just a newbie in this craft. We make sure that we would be your one-stop shop for your cosplay ideas for anime or manga characters, even video game characters. Buy your wigs, accessories, boots and even your Lolita dresses and more!

Top 10 Cosplay Ideas for Bosses

Have you ever got asked the question "who was your best boss" during interviews? Which, if you really think about it, is sort of like what a good boss you would like to be, a role model for people who work for you. According to an online survey done by Web R25 (http://r25.yahoo.co.jp/fushigi/rxr_detail/?id=20150921-00044910-r25), here is a list of top 10 manga characters businessmen in Japan wish they were their bosses. We find it's pretty interesting to share here:

#10 Koichi Kawato (Rookies)

#9 Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)


#8 Genkai (Yu Yu Hakusho)

#7 Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)


#6 Kosaku Shima (Kachō Shima Kōsaku)

#5 Chief Patrol Officer Daijiro Ohara (Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo)

#4 Eikichi Onizuka (GTO)

#3 Whitebeard/Edward Newgate (One Piece)


#2 Kame-sennin/Master Roshi (Dragon Ball)


#1 Coach Anzai (Slam Dunk)

Top 10 Cosplay Ideas for Girls

Girls just wanna have fun’ is the perfect tagline for cosplaying! With all of the ideas that would come and pop in your mind, Cosplayshopper.com would be here to help you choose and organize your thoughts. Of course, at the end of the day, you want to become the prettiest and the most exquisite female cosplayer in town. These ideas are not in order; it is just a random list to give you a push when it comes to your brainstorming episodes. Just enjoy and always have fun, because definitely, it is super fun to be a girl.

#10 Death Note: Misa Amane


Cosplay the sexy, witty and cute female character in the Death Note Series named, Misa. Use Lolita fashion with the gothic appearance. Be a rock star and sweet at the same time. Use wigs for purposes of fashion and to change her identities and appearance for different purposes.

#9 Cosplay like a vampire and a human – Yuuki Cross


Wear your uniform from the academy with unique black and white pattern. The costume consists of a brown short wig, uniform, and shoes. Become a student of the prestigious Cross academy like Yuuki Cross. Act as a guardian while protecting the divine secrets of the Night Class and to protect and uphold the safety of the ignorance of the students from the day classes

#8 Go Blue with your Avatar costume

Paint yourself in blue body paint and magnify the motivation and skill in you as you wear your Avatar costumes. Let your journeys and long destinations become more exciting.

#7 Go for a Disney Princess- Snow White

Many cosplayers would want to cosplay and become the most beautiful princess ever. Now they embark their creativity to be able to cosplay the princesses of Disney. This enhances their skill to be able to be as close as how the princesses look like in animation and in film whenever these cosplayers join any cosplay and showcase their wonderful and elegant costumes. Some would choose Snow White from the show Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The hair of Snow White is pure black and is short and her lips are red as a rose. She was forced t hide in the cute home of the seven dwarves.

#6 The cutest one in the Vocaloid group: Hatsune Miku


Get wild with your hair as you plan to wear a pink wig and tie it into pigtails making sure that you can also try to put some bread in it. On that note, you are really cuddly and adorable. Enjoy the comfort of your Hatsune Miku costume and feel that you are talented kid. Unleash your childlike personalities to the crowd and make them obsess with your character and your costume as well.

#5 Karin with a powerful smile from Naruto


You can always show your lovely and powerful smile and flirt and show off all your charms to all of your admirers. Cosplaying Karin would involve a dress with a purple coat. You can wear this not only to any cosplay convention, but also in any party, formal wear. You will look like a beauty queen when you wear this outfit with your preferably dark, toned color. Wear your red hair and your amber eyes and your sexy and foxy glasses. You will be a sweet and sexy fantasy of men. When you wear your sexy costume and the crowd will certainly cheer you.

#4 Enjoy the inter-galactic and planetary vibe – Tokyo Mew Mew


The main characters for this series are called Mew Mews and comprise of 5 adolescent, teen-ager girls. Every Mew Mew is represented with a mew mark placed on the body and serves as identification to a specific Mew Mew wear your Tokyo Mew Mew cosplay costume.

#3 Faye Valentine – Mixture of Playfulness and Identity


Become the best and the sexiest in bounty hunting Look like an award winner and become critically acclaimed like Faye Valentine. Look crisp and suave like the Cowboy Bebop characters wearing your cosplay costume as you and your friends would mimic the crew.

#2 In its clear and categorical sense – Maid Cosplay


Maid cosplay costumes can be either be classified as cute, sexy or both. Maid cosplay costumes featured a mainstream in the field of media. These costumes are frequently worn to costume parties or in cosplay conventions. Others use the maid cosplay costume for drama and theater. Some would want to feel wild and sexy and use it for sexual role-playing as a servant for a dominant partner.

#1 The Trending Cat

You may want to become a sexy cat and become the most popular person as you stun everyone with your charisma. Wear your fluffy ears, cat costume, tail and do not forget your cute nose make up and whiskers in your cheeks.

Top 10 Cosplay Ideas for Guys

Admit it. Guys are also conscious when it comes to the latest trends in the fashion scene and of course, when it comes to what is trending in the Cosplay world. Guys would not dare to simply just be another ordinary face in the crowd. They would do research and would even consult their support system for what should be done and what should not be done. Being vain before is tabboo when you are masculine in gender, but nowadays, what matters is how you carry yourself and project your chosen character to cosplay the best way possible. With the Comic-con craze just around the corner, guys are surely gaga and crazy about their favorite characters, collections, hobbies and of course Cosplaying. This Top 10 Cosplay ideas for guys is just a short and simple list to help you brainstorm and to boost your ideas when it comes to choosing the right blend of costumes and self-satisfaction. Good luck!

#10 Be a GOD OF DEATH - Shinigami


Become the classic monster as you look wide in appearance in a way that humans would really be both scared and interested in the same time. Cosplay like Shinigami Ryuk and be known in its literal sense as a death god with the capacity to be able to live longer through the process of killing human beings. A Shinigami has the capacity to end the lifespan of a person intended to their own purpose and benefit as well.

#9 Hunter x Hunter - Gon Freecss

Cosplay Gon who is a 12 year old child becomes a hunter who is basically a person with a hunter’s license, and the concept of hunting can be almost anything. Hunt criminals and master the art of cooking. Wear your green cosplay costume, make sure your eyes are bright and wide, then you’re sure to go.

#8 Nothing can beat the classic - Dragonball Z Son Goku


Dragonball Z Son Goku, a Sayan will surely capture the cosplayer’s choice. nothing can surely beat a classic anime. This fact alone proves how successful this anime series is and that it has what it takes to be called the best anime series of all time!

#7 Shippuden Uzumaki Naruto


Uzumaki Naruto is really a cosplayer’s favorite costume. Naruto searched for the true meaning of his existence. Despite being different, Naruto easily made friends with junior ninjas and made truthful bonds of friendship

#6 Cosplay like the main man from Family Guy: Peter Griffin

If you are fat, happy, and you have a big stomach, cosplaying Peter Griffin from the Family Guy sitcom really suits you well. Peter is married to Lois Griffin and they have three children. He has worked at a toy factory and at Quahog's Brewery. He had a number of remarkable experiences.

#5 Code Name L


Detective with a codename “L” stepped in the days where Yagami Light is at the verge of losing control of the power of the Death note. The duel of wits and strategies came after introducing mind-boggling situations and exciting events rarely portrayed in any anime series. Enjoy cosplying this character with a wild arrangement of hair and just a plain white shirt. Make sure to use great eye make up for emphasis and brevity.

#4 Demi- god powers from the Death Note like Yagami Light


Become the most famous cosplayer as you cosplay the lead stars of Cosplayshopper.com. You will become a masterpiece and Cosplayshopper.com will definitely make you one. Enjoy cosplaying Yagami Light who is a 17-year-old genius from Japan. He is tired of his life, school, and the state of the world as he knows it. Continue with your quest to change the world and become God of the New World. Starting off as a genius, calm and collected high school student with a strong sense of morals and justice, he undergoes a slow but drastic change of character. The more he uses the Death Note, the more he slowly drops his morals because he finds it is needed to continue his work. He ends up an arrogant person with no consideration by the people who surround him. He starts trying to create a new and better world for people to live him but ends up obsessed with power.

#3 Sporty like the Athletes in Prince for Tennis


Cosplay Echizen and his Seigaku who headed for a tennis resort where they meet up with some unfriendly college tennis players. Cosplay in a way wherein your character will all look vibrant and all costumes with exquisite quality. Enjoy the character evolvement and make your tennis action from the other players to be fully satisfied. We want you to have full tennis action and we don’t want you to be disappointed. Cosplay and become like a real athlete from a National Tournament.

#2 Cosplay like a Sheriff – The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead is a horror and a drama series. Cosplay the series lead star, as a sheriff's deputy named Rick Grimes. Wear your sheriff’s hat and use your guns wisely to kill all the bonkers. His resurrection starts when he awakens from a coma to find a world dominated by flesh-eating zombies.

#1 Cosplay like a Villain – Felonious Gru

Felonious Gru, or rather Gru for short, is the main protagonist in the Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 movies. Gru's wish is to be the world's #1 villain. Wear your black coat and your checkered shawl around your neck. Do not forget to go bald all the way.

Top 10 Sexiest Cosplay Ideas

#10 Rikku Final Fantasy


You will be considered the bubbly, lively and kindhearted playable character when you wear your Rikku costume to attend gatherings and cosplay conventions. Enjoy your medium-length blonde hair. And your combat diving suit with the suit, revealing a pair of flared short-shorts with an orange sleeveless tank-top with side straps. She wears a pair of goggles around her neck, a pair of boots. Like Rikku you can portray a kindhearted, spirited and energetic. You will definitely not clash with other members of the group because you are a role model, and will impress everyone with your calm levelheaded nature. Enjoy playing with your child-like and playful ways with your Rikku costume. Try to maintain a positive and cheerful outlook with your happy exterior. Throw all of your insecurities away when you wear your costume and become reassured that your own adventures will highly become appreciated one day. Dream about your future, you have a long and exciting journey ahead.

#9 Code Geass CC


Your purpose for cosplaying Code Greass would be different, depending on your personal approach and performances as a cosplayer. Cosplay CC and enhance your fascination and compelling interest to be inclined to cosplay her with your sexy body-fit leather dress. Be interested in the details, such as using a glamorous long green wigs, with accessories and full-make-up to be able to cosplay CC.

#8 Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy


You will become the most optimistic and the brightest cosplayer as you cheer everyone when they are feeling sad as you wear your perfectly fit Tifa costume. She can decimate almost any enemy with her power and the skills of her fist. You will surely deceive the people once you sport your Tifa Lockheart Cosplay costume. Like Tifa, you will have strong will and possesses great physical strength. Tifa also has the nature of being motherly and caring. Tifa has dark brown hair, occasionally appearing black, which falls below her waist and is tied at the tips to form a distinctive dolphin-tail split while deceptively strong, Tifa is an empathic and emotionally shy character. While identifying and responding to the feelings of others, Tifa does not express her internal feelings often, and when she does she often has trouble doing.

#7 Show everyone your revealing body and your voluptuous curves when you cosplay Faye Valentine.


Faye Valentine would actually make you want to cosplay day and night. Awaken your senses just the same way that Faye Valentine awoke from a coma under a cryogenic sleep which resulted to lies, cheating and stealing towards a life which was hugely unfamiliar to her. Cosplay with your purple hair which is natural in color. Reveal you true Asian beauty with straight black hair when you go for hunting. Y our outfit consists of short shorts and wear sexy boots. Wear your skimpy undershirt and an overcoat which is loosely worn on your body. Your short hairstyle would give everyone a first impression that you are a street-smart character and truly a tough one. Faye is a character with attitude. She has tough exterior and maintains her body shape. People who usually see her associate her for her greatness in bounty hunting. Bounty hunting has been known as hunters who are inclined in assisting the law, agencies and the public officers, in apprehending wanted fugitives and criminals. In some cases, they can be mercenaries giving aid and rendering service to criminal figures rather than the legal authorities. She also has great confidence and is a scam artist. She is a woman who is over confident and puts her in situations wherein she sometimes always get thrilled out of being desired. With her great attitude, she also falls in love with a man of her choice. Faye had a good relationship based on the foundation of respect with the Bebop crew. She also has mutual attraction for Spike. Gain a larger crew and numerous members and acquaintances by inviting more friends over for a costume party wearing your cosplay costumes. With you deep identity and mix of playfulness, continue to cosplay and always be inclined to become innovative and always excel in the art of cosplaying. Here in Cosplayshopper.com, there are numerous choices to start with when planning to explicitly display one’s desire and affection for cosplaying. Experience the adventure, misadventures and tragedies. Look crisp and suave like the Cowboy Bebop characters wearing your cosplay costume as you and your friends would mimic the crew. You can enjoy revolving around a crew of bounty hunters living in the spaceship named Bebop. Enjoy role-playing like a real bounty hunter or detective and also bring down fugitives and criminals on the loose as you wear your perfect Cowboy Bepbop cosplay outfit.

#6. Soi Fon Bleach


Become the prettiest and the toughest girl in the group of cosplayers when you wear you Captain Soi Fong cosplay costume. You may be small, but definitely you are the commander-in- chief and the 2nd division captain. Indeed, big things come in small packages. You may be relatively short and be petite but the power and rank that you hold is high. Wear your costume with the black hair that you have including the gray eyes which will give you a sexy appeal. For a stronger effect, your hair would be worn very short and add two long braids which are tied with white cloth and a large golden ring at both ends. You will enjoy the standard Shinigami uniform which composes of a sash and a kimono. Certainly, everyone will adore you for being loyal, firm and your stand towards your strong beliefs. You are a hard worker and at the same time you are an authoritative leader.

#5. Nico Robin cosplay costume


Why not try to cosplay Nico Robin who is one of the greatest archaeologists. For sure cosplayer fans would consider you to become very lovely, beautiful and appealing in nature. Cosplay this tall, slender and athletic woman and become everyone’s eye candy. Use some wigs which are available in Cosplayshopper.com. Nico Robin has a shoulder length hair and her eyes have wide pupils and are color blue. Some of her features would be having a defined long and thin nose and a darker skin tone. Use your limbs and your long legs for your fighting capabilities with superb height and narrow waist line. Get your groove on as you would be frequently seen wearing revealing clothing. Get ready to wear your high heels and make sure your agility and speed as a cosplayer would not be affected. Wear your gold arm band and sometimes wear your cowgirl hat everytime there would be occasions.

#4. Yuffie Final Fantasy


Be the cocky, proud, brash personality, and at times can be aggressive like Yuffie who has the charm of being a bit of a tomboy and acts unashamedly towards her goals. Shock your fans with your cunning and sly effect and show them that you are a a very skilled character like a ninja. Despite her sometimes obnoxious personality, Yuffie is friendly, helpful, and willingly helps the party in their battles, as well as being very optimistic toward many situations. Use your youth to enjoy and become the life of the party. Your short black hair, just reaches down to her shoulders. Wear your sleeveless turtleneck jumper that would bare your stomach and a pair of tan shorts with no belt and an unbuttoned short. Typical ninja-mail mesh covers part of her right arm and left leg as well as an additional piece of armor which covers the rest of the thigh of that leg. She wears a smaller wrist-covering gauntlet on her right arm; both hands are covered with orange, finger less gloves while she wears orange sneakers with white leg warmers.

#3. Soul eater Elizabeth cosplay costume


Elizabeth known and called Liz is a teenager who is most of the time worried about make-up and shopping. She is cool even if she is serious compared to her other sisters. Liz is extremely afraid of ghost and is very paranoid about paranormal things which makes her extremely weak and sometime people perceive her as shallow and would take advantage of her. Despite of these facts, continue to be fun and flirtatious because your appeal would truly allure men and deceive them to become adoring and wonderful. Liz is beautiful because she has dark blonde hair and sun-kissed skin. You will fall in love with your sleeveless red turtleneck attire and your cowboy hat as accessories. Liz would be primarily seen as the most seductive character in the group. So aspire to become seductive and feel the fame and the glory everytime you cosplay. Avail all of your cosplay costumes only here at Cosplayshopper.com

#2 Aerith Final Fantasy


You will look ever so young, beautiful, and somewhat mysterious, just like Aerith. Enjoy your Aerith costume as you are portraying the independence and the outgoing and kind young woman who displays an intuitive understanding of others at times, and is deeply in-tune with nature. Aerith wears a shin-length pink dress that buttons up with the front with a red bolero jacket. She wears brown boots and metal bracers on her wrists and around the edges of her jacket sleeves. In all her appearances Aerith's hair is drawn back in a thick plait with a large pink ribbon tied around it; Aerith wears a pink, white and red top tied around the neck with buttons up the front,. Become upbeat and cheerful and make sure you can take care of yourself accordingly, as you fight of your life’s battles and challenges just like Aerith. For sure you will become chic and savvy when you wear this costume.

#1 Tier Harribel Bleach


Enjoy your dark skin, your green eyes, your blond eyelashes and your short blond hair. Enjoy your jacket as you cosplay while you may choose to cover the lower part of your face downward, and enjoy showing the portion of the lower part of your chest. Do not forget to bring your accessories, such as your sword which is notably broad and short compared to others. If you plan to choose to wear a mask, then you can opt to choose it to cover the extensive area below and around your neck. Everyone will adore you very calm and analytical attitude. You will be a sweet and sexy fantasy of men since your temperament will always be seen as a cheerful and lively character. You can always show your lovely and powerful smile. Flirt with all your charms to all of your admirers. You have nice body built.

Top 3 Easy Cosplay Ideas

Nice and easy. Nothing would beat a cosplay costume which is very easy to execute and very nice to manage. What else are you waiting for? Why do you need to complicate things when you can actually cosplay the easy way? Have fun while you enjoy cosplaying and make sure that you always have the urge to simplify things for you own convenience. You do not have to stress yourself or feel uneasy when all you have to do is to check your list which will help you to cosplay in a very easy and fun way.

#3 – Wear your school uniform and become like a Sailor from Sailor moon

Usually the easiest to cosplay are those with school uniforms. Any character wearing a school uniform should be fairly easy to recreate like those from the Sailor Moon. Sailor moon is known to be a very popular anime series. Its roots are inculcated from Japan. The story primarily involves a team of girls who have their own individual powers. The pretty and magical girls transform from being an ordinary school girl to powerful ladies in bright colored costumes.

#2 Wear Black Robe for Naruto Uchiha Sasuke


Enjoy the comfort of your black robe and feel that you are a real genius. Unleash your superiority complex to the crowd and make them obsess with your costume. Make sure you have your black haircut with spikes on the back, with a tint of blue, which could also lengthen patterned as to how the story progressed. Make sure the bangs of your hair would hang on both sides of your face to perfectly frame your cheeks. You will enjoy cosplaying your favorite Uchiha Sasuke cosplay costume. Execute your revenge like the Uchiha Sasuke character to give everyone a taste of your power and feel the power as you get stronger. You will definitely score high in performance tests. Your prowess will definitely surprise everyone as you wear your costume and full accessories.

#1 Wear your coat, glasses and magnifying glass- Instant Detective


Conan Edogawa, Jimmy Kudo who is a young and skillful detective who was transformed into a child form after being poisoned. Enjoy cosplaying Jimmy Kudo who is a 17 year old high school prodigy who frequently helps the police and the people with authority in solving cases and crimes.

Top 5 Cosplay Ideas for Kids (Girls' Edition)

Sugar and spice and everything nice. Let your sweet young ladies cosplay all the way as well. Being a child is extremely the best part of being alive. You are young, you are wild, and you are free. Your innocence as a young girl is really priceless. Why not let these young ladies experience cosplaying so that they can boost their self- esteem and become active and artistic as they enter maturity in no time.

#5 Cosplay Pebbles Flintstones from the Flintstones

Pony tail the hair, place a white bone as hair accessory, wear the tiger print top and short green shorts. Now your little girl would definitely become the cutest member of the animated TV show, the Flintstones. Pebbles is an lives in an abode, in a fictional prehistoric city named Bedrock. Her world is filled with dinosaurs living peacefully and coexisted with all the cave people. Enjoy the versions of modern technology like prehistoric versions of telephones, automobiles and other home gadgets.

#4 Cosplay Lisa Marie Simpson from the Simpsons

Wear an orange tube top dress and choker pearl necklace. If you want to go the extra mile, you can use some body paint to get the Simpsons trademark color – yellow. Lisa is the middle child of the Simpsons family. She is eight years old and the second child of Homer and Marge Simpsons. She is the younger sister of Bart and is highly intelligent. Bring your baritone saxophone as props and accessories and enjoy cosplaying.

#3 Another bet from the Simpsons family – Maggie

Wear a long blue dress and a pacifier as our mouth piece. Your little girl will be good to go as the cutie pie Maggie from the Simpsons family. Margaret "Maggie" Simpson is the youngest child of Homer and Marge Simpsons. Be seen sucking on a pacifier with all the activities of daily living like when walking. Being an infant, she cannot talk. Therefore, she is the least seen and heard in the Simpson family.

#2 Jessie from Toy Story

Become a cute and an adorable cow-girl like Jessie from the Toy Story 3. Jessie is a fictional character from the films Toy Story 2 and 3. Her hair is formed in a ponytail and is braided. Jessie the doll is excitable, brave and very athletic. She appears to be more loyal, confident and helpful to others, in the process developing a romantic relationship with the famous Buzz Light Year.

#1 Become obsessed with Unicorns like Agnes

Agnes, the youngest child of the three girls, who is obsessed with unicorns is one of the main stars in the Despicable Me 2 movie. Cosplay her and shout “ I am so fluffy I’m gonna die!”. Agnes Gru is the youngest of the three orphan girls that Gru adopted. She likes unicorns, bedtime stories, ballet and selling cookies with her sisters. She happily hugs his leg and plays games with him. She is a very naive and innocent child. She thinks Gru's dog is cute and chases after him.

Top 5 Cosplay Ideas for Kids (Boys' Edition)

Cosplaying is an art and is for the General Population. Why don’t you let your kids join the fun, the laughter and the excitement when it comes to cosplaying? Being young is just really fast. Before you know it, this young boy becomes a young man and a real man just within a few years. Enjoy the opportunity of seeing your young boys as they cosplay in their young years. Make it sweet and make it memorable.

#5: Super Cute for the Little Boys - Astro Boy

Your little boy will be ready for cosplay and become modern and cute like boys in the elementary school. Become appealing to all as your young boy would be a cute Astro Boy character in elementary school. Be more creative and enjoy your character as being in a world with advanced technology wherein science coexist with other relevant issues. Wear your black wig or black helmet, black leather shorts and your red leather shoes for that matter.

#4: Super Mario

A kid would miss out half of his life if he does not have any idea what is Super Mario Brothers all about. Cosplay Mario and become a cute character with your red theme. Save your princess and do not forget to eat your mushrooms as part of your daily habit so you will grow taller. Wear your red hat, trousers and do not forget your signature mustache.

#3: Gotta Catch em All – Ash


Continue to aspire and turn your dreams into reality as you become a Pokemon Master like Ash. You can definitely cosplay Ash, when you wear you cosplay costume which includes a red cap, blue pants, and a blue suit with collar and short sleeves. Don’t forget to match it up with red shoes and black hand-guard and you are good to go and definitely, you will be ready to attend and battle for that matter. Always inculcate in you the values of Ash when you attend any cosplay events. Even if Ash gets defeated by a rival, and gets to compete with more experienced competitors, he still faces every challenge.

#2 Kigurumi Pikachu Cosplay


Kids definitely love cosplaying the cuddly character in the Pokemon series. You may also try our comfortable Kigurumi collection when you plan to cosplay the very popular character named Pikachu. Be the wildest and the most electrified person in the group as you entertain yourself when you cosplay and as you make others happy as well.

#1 Interesting Uzumaki Naruto costume


I always see kids wearing Uzumaki Naruto in children’s parties and events. Sport this cosplay costume and become the happy, hyperactive kid. Do not forget to wear the prominent feature which is your whisker marks on your face. Enjoy your blue forehead protector as a sign that you have graduated from the Ninja Academy. Show off your determined and strong values as you wear your orange tracksuit with blue colors on the shoulder areas and your orange pants. Do not forget to wear your blue sandals and for sure, your knack for inspiring people will make them realize their full potentials.

Top 10 Video cosplay ideas video game cosplay ideas, gaming cosplay ideas

One word. Fierce. Definitely, you want to be the fiercest when Cosplaying would never be complete without the best video and gaming cosplay costumes. Indeed, we understand your ideals when it comes to cosplaying your favorite video games and gaming cosplay ideas. Of course no one wants to lose. Everyone would like to win! What else are you waiting for, come and try some of the cosplay costumes from the list. The list is not absolute per se, but at the end of the day, we know that we could help you with your plans of cosplaying.

#10 Red Essentailly Armored Sonja

Sonja is a very popular character to be cosplayed in the video game for XBOX. She is extremely a very common cosplayed girl with all her essential armors, for sure Sonja would butt kick all the girls so choose to stay away.

#9 Soulful Sophitia Cosplay

Indeed, Sophitia is a popular game character from the Soul Calibur. Use your deadly combos and the best defense when you are cosplaying. Use accessories to become more effective. Use your seriousness on all the fights in this round based game.

#8 League of Legends multi-player online battle: katarina


Surely, this video game is not only the best, but for sure you will be delighted with what character you would choose and would like to cosplay. The League of Legends, also known as LOL for short, is a free-to-play game. With your new cosplay costume, you can be generally well received by everyone. Win in the tournaments and receive fame and added success as your accomplishments

#7 Iron Fist - Tekken: Tekken Leo


Tekken also known as Iron Fist is a fighting game. Estimate you capabilities and at the same time, make sure that at the end of the line of strenuous planning, you will get the regard and the honor that you truly and deeply deserve in cosplaying Tekken characters. Be great in the martial arts tournament and in the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

#6 Endless delight with Final Fantasy: Sephiroth


If you choose to cosplay Final Fantasy characters for your cosplay event, then every character would be special for you. Be inclined to cosplay Final Fantasy characters can be interesting and detailed, such us using glamorous wigs, costumes, accessories and full-make-up to be able to cosplay specific and certain characters.

#5 Be cool like Devil May Cry Dante


Devil May Cry is a nice costume to cosplay and its right that it has pretty characters. Furthermore, at several points, you get an impression that you are the greatest cosplayer in town. Dante is cool and he transcends the meaning of the word cool, and the epitome of coolness. He acts cool, he dresses cool, he eats only cool food and he has cool overpowered weapons and even his name is cool.

#4 Thy Kingdom Hearts: Sora


Enjoy in the maximum success of the requirements of your missions when you buy any Kingdom Hearts costumes. Mystify your fans as you wear your Kingdom Hearts cosplay costumes. You will enjoy cosplaying this series which features a voice cast and an all-star group of many different Disney characters’ official voice actors and actresses. The series would primarily center on the main character that is named Sora with his search for his friends and his encounters with the Disney and Final Fantasy characters

#3 Dante's Inferno is an action-adventure game

Dante is the game's protagonist who engages in fast-paced combat. Dante can use numerous magic based attacks and abilities. Use your full advantage to cosplay this character.

#2 Link and the Legend of Zelda Characters


The Legend of Zelda Characters would have specific costumes and accessories representing the virtual world which would lead to a magical interpretation of a chosen character. According to the popular game, “The Legend of Zelda”, it incorporates elements of action, adventure, role-playing, and puzzle games. Throughout the game, merchants, fairies, townspeople, and others would guide Link with cryptic clues. Link, the main character must able to move forward in order to progress into successful battles with creatures for him to be able to locate the entrance of each underground dungeon. All the tools and weapon has its own power in order for Link to successfully explore and navigate the dungeons.

#1 Enjoy the ambiance of being in a noble class - Assassin’s Creed: Connor Kenwa


Enjoy the combat as you wear your complete cosplay costume. You can now face any particular strong opponent with your full gear. Try the new Assasin’s Creed costume and you can definitely live your life the best way that a cosplayer can. Thus, your purpose as a cosplayer would slowly and surely unfold. Become the real fighter as you enjoy your cosplay costume and live the life of luxury.

Top 10 Anime cosplay ideas anime cosplay ideas

We understand that Anime has been part of your life, time immemorial. You definitely have your own roster of personal favorites when it comes to cosplaying your Anime costumes. We can’t blame you, since we honestly believe that you are in the zone when it comes to topics like these. You will always be the best when it comes to cosplaying your favorite Anime costume for cosplay. You don’t have to worry anymore because, Cosplayshopper.com is here to help you accomplish all of your goals and with that, we know that we can help you brainstorm and organize your thoughts.

#10 Focus your adventures with Monkey D. Luffy - ONE PEICE


You will become popular and nobody will neglect you when you cosplay this anime. Your love for shounen will continue to surge into your veins, there is no reason for you not to cosplay this series. Cosplaying the characters will be very promising. This is due to the fact that the main cast is several but well flesh out, the battles are very diverse, and engaging and the comedy doesn't get old. Along his journey, Luffy makes several friends and battles a wide variety of villains. Cosplay Monkey D. and bring your straw hat as your accessory.

#9 Music and love for Vocaloid


Your worries will drift away, your vibe would surely glow and would love to get all dressed up to cosplay your favorite Vocaloid character with full accessories. The costumes are perfect to be able to project the very sweet and positive-key at the same time. Get everyone’s attention without batting an eyelash.

#8 Fruits Basket Arisa Uotani - Comedy and Fun by looking intellectual


Wear your costume, with all the different personalities and the different signs of the zodiacs to choose from. The costumes for the characters of the Fruits Basket put all of these aspects together and make a tasty treat, and there is always someone to associate with. Make all of the people praise your overall impact when you sport your favorite Fruits Basket character in a cosplay costume for a party, event or convention. On that note, share how the show would depict. Even the relatively light-hearted would fall in love with your chosen costume. Use the techniques and hints of blending a good mix of drama and action for everyone. In addition, your favorite cosplay costume for the characters of Fruits Basket is easy to relate to.

#7 Ao no Exorcist Rin Okumura


Cosplay Rin Okumura who is a teenager possessing abnormal strength and endurance. Rin takes part in a special Exorcist course, the existence of which is known only by a few. Much to his surprise, he finds that his brother Yukio is already a veteran Exorcist and will be one of his teachers.

#6 Supernatural Actions with DURARARA!


Expect the unexpected when you plan to cosplay the Durarara characters. Cosplaying the Durarara characters may target all kinds of cosplayers, since the anime series is easy for a larger group of people to be able to enjoy it. Cosplaying would exhibit a fair amount of imperfections along the way. Flaws should not serve as detriments towards the expansiveness of learning and improvising. The anime entitled Durarara encapsulated the demonstration of the supernatural, action, romance and the dark side of human psychology. It deals with the relationships with other people like exceptional forms of betrayal, abuse and friendships and love.

#5 InuYasha, a Feudal Fairy Tale.


The series' plot follows a middle school girl who lives on the grounds of her family's hereditary shrine Kagome is a really plain Junior High School girl. This only proves that anyone can literally cosplay if you have the will and the Cosplay in a diverse, beautiful and complex way.

#4 Reveal the truth of being a magical girl to everyone: Modoka Kaname


Use the wonderful accessories, props and wigs as you encounter different challenges. Your accessories will make your abilities to cosplay be enhanced and would make you be able to fight against evil creatures like witches who came from darkness. Use the accessories of Sayaka Miri and Modoka Kaname who school girls and your full potential to become a magical girl will unfold.

#3 Realize your full potentials in Naruto


In Cosplayshopper.com, we truly understand you love and passion for cosplaying Naruto. You have your own personal reasons on why you would like to cosplay Naruto. Being inclined to cosplay Naruto characters can be interesting and detailed, such us using glamorous wigs, costumes, accessories and full-make-up to be able to cosplay specific and certain characters.

#2 FullMetal Alchemist


Cosplay light and fun from the beginning and introduce your character in a way of being simple, kind of quirky, and at the same time, decent. Costume designs vary enough that you can clearly differentiate have their own sense of individuality. All characters have the same unique idea and the quality of the series is surely to be a top-notch. Your costumes have vivid colors are vivid and characters are detailed with no shortcut taken in the animation and the fights are fluidly animated.

#1 Comedic Nature of Lucky Star


Relieve and refresh your experience by wearing the fantastic Lucky Star Cosplay costumes. You can become an athletic, cute and an intelligent student from this university. Enjoy being a cosplayer in a student’s uniform, who is full of fun and mischief. Enjoy wearing your Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Miyuki Takara costumes for any cosplay convention and become the cute cosplayer in the event, all by yourself or with the company of your friends. Become unique as you mimic the characteristics of your chosen character.

Top 5 Affordable/Cheap Cosplay Ideas

Nothing beats cheap cosplay ideas, because not only would you save time and effort, but also, you would be saving money. This means that you will have everything in an economic and efficient way just to cosplay it your way. Sometimes, you also have the freedom to expound what you want to achieve by trying to cost-cut your budget. At the end of the day, your savings would be spent in more important matter, which would be a win-won situation for you. Enjoy the list that we have prepared for you and we hope that you could get an idea or two.

#5 Wear your Red Kimono – Cosplay Hell Girl, Ai Enma


Become the very beautiful Ai Enma with long straight black hair and plae skin. Enjoy your lovely kimono cosplay costume and perfect your act of taking someone to hell. Ai Enma’s eyes are red. It was originally brown when she was alive. Her lips are colored carnation pink. Show everyone that you are silent and serious. However, when you cosplay, let go of your very cold personality and learn to interact and socialize with others. In the vast sea of the Internet, Cosplayshopper.com is ready to cater to your needs and to provide you with quality and good costumes like when you are planning to Cosplay Hell girl. Become excited like the characters in the series of Hell girl and operate in a mysterious way. You can absolutely use the powers of the internet and cosplay Hell Girl’s Ai Enma in her red Kimono and get ready to plunge in the vast sea of the internet websites. Ai Enma can be said to play the part of both the protagonist and the antagonist at the same time. With her very interesting nature of work, she manages to mysteriously accomplish her task. Her job in fact is for a good cause, but would lead for a bad effect and a detrimental conclusion. Beyond the sites you can access a website at the stroke of midnight and contact the Hell Girl. The nature of her task is that whenever a person would post any grudge against someone he or she truly hates, the Hell girl will appear and torment that specific person who was requested by the aggrieved party and bring that person towards hell. Cosplay the Hell Girl and portray that the cruelty of the human race brings people in the world to experience suffering, trouble and miserable life. Some would just prefer to die and go to hell but the Hell girl is present to execute for their revenge. Always have fun and enjoy eveytime you cosplay Ai Enma. The Hell Girl costume would make you look brilliant since the character design of Ai Enma costume is amazing.

#4 Wear your White Shirt and Jeans – Cosplay Yagami Light

Like Light, why don’t you try our cosplay costumes with quality and affordability, discover all the truth and with power in your hands you can become the best cosplayer that there is. Continue with your quest to change the world and become God of the New World when you cosplay. The character development is also brilliant, especially that of Light Yagami, the main character. Starting off as a genius, calm and collected high school student with a strong sense of morals and justice, he undergoes a slow but drastic change of character. The more he uses the Death Note, the more he slowly drops his morals because he finds it is needed to continue his work. He ends up an arrogant person with no consideration by the people who surround him. He starts trying to create a new and better world for people to live him but ends up obsessed with power.

#3 Go Blue with your Avatar costume

Paint yourself in blue body paint and magnify the motivation and skill in you as you wear your Avatar costumes. Let your journeys and long destinations become more exciting.

#2 Sexy Cat

You may want to become a sexy cat and become the most popular person as you stun everyone with your charisma. Wear your fluffy ears, cat costume, and tail and do not forget your cute nose make up and whiskers in your cheeks.

#1 Just Be Plain Brown – Domo-kun

Domo, is the official character mascot of Japan’s television station. It is a main character which is a strange creature that hatched from an egg. Cover your whole body with something brown or stuff yourself to form something rectangular. You are good to go!

Top 5 Group Cosplay Ideas

As a team, get dressed up in elaborate cosplay and use your cosplay costumes as your advantage. The trend of cosplayers became more popular as a group such as cosplaying and attending anime convention. The passion for anime and manga, video games and film and music of the group proves that cosplaying is not only an individual art but also as a group. Events can include the cosplay costume contest, the anime idol singing contest which can also feature best dance crew, still considering the cosplay costume of all the performers. The continuous increase in popularity of the anime and manga cosplaying in group cosplaying and costuming paved way to addition of several added cosplay-based events. Increase in number of competition has led to the development of cosplay groups. There has also been a cosplay that can be seen for opening-nights and premier events of fantasy and science-fiction movies. The movie culture also increased people to engage into cosplay. Movie franchises such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and even Lord of the Rings would engage into drawing open night in cosplay. These movies tend to also make cosplayers have the idea to cosplay as a group. Present cosplaying skills and artistic inclination in the world of cosplaying wherein the performance of cosplayers may be able and can be actualized in cosplay conventions, parties, stage acts and fashion shows.

#5 Cosplay the Guild of Fairy Tail


This guild is famous not just because of having strong members but mainly because of the chaos and destruction they leave behind after every job. In the end, their will to survive and rebuild the guild will help them surpass the crisis and transform. Fairy Tail to one of the strongest guilds ever known. The anime series started as Lucy Heartfilia, a 17-year-old celestial wizard decided to join Fairy Tail.

#4 Get your battle gear ready – Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has obtained an exceptionally broad and active international cosplay fan base. Cosplay as a group as you enjoy the epic fantasy with members of several noble houses in a civil war. The morally ambiguous characters explores pertinent issues regarding concepts such as social hierarchy, religion, civil war, crime, and punishment.

#3 You Got a friend in me – Toy Story

What better way to cosplay with as a group with your real close friends and get a chance to cosplay all the characters from Toy Story. This would be really great, fun and exciting.

#2 Become Evil Violet Minions

Why not become all crazy in body paint and cover your whole body in violet this time? Upgrade yourself by being violet and evil like the Minions from he Despicable Me 2 movie. Not only will you become wild and crazy, definitely you will look funnier and more foolish.


Ask your friends to dress up like Mike and Sully and the rest of the students oh, monsters and cosplay as a group with your great and interesting costumes as monsters.

Top 5 Couple Cosplay Ideas

#5 Dashing Debonair Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon Love Team


Tuxedo Mask is the major romantic interest of Usagi Tsukino. Unaware of his dual-identity as Tuxedo Mask, transforms unknowingly into his new identity. Become an ideal man while being strong, silent, unshakeable, and mysterious and a man having greater roles. Wear your Black Tuxedo and become sexy and suave like Tuxedo Mask. Together with Tuxedo Mask you can cosplay Sailor Moon as a soldier for love and justice. You always fight for peace. Enjoy cosplaying Sailor Moon as you exemplify the meaning of becoming a heroine and make sure that every journey that you will have is worthwhile. Your cosplay costume will serve as your official costume. Her uniform, originally colored blue and red, with a crescent moon motif. Wear your red hairpieces and white barrettes resembling feathers which you can use to defend yourself like a true warrior for any minor attack. Bring your cat named Luna, who will serve as your guardian.

#4 You will never go back once you become like the Men in Black

Who said that it should be a male and a female when you want to be the best couple in cosplaying? Of course! You can exemplify your role as the best couple who would save the world from its extinction from alien catastrophe and shenanigans. Cosplay Agent J and Agent K. Wear your black shades and our best suit and tie. Hey! Don’t forget to bring your favorite weapon as your accessories!

#3 Nothing can go wrong with a Classic Disney Princess and the oh-so – handsome Prince

I know we all grew up in a generation who fulfilled our simple fantasies of a “happy ever after” idea. Now just choose your favorite Disney Princess and her true love – Prince. With your partnership in cosplaying, you will make everyone reminisce and continue to show concern and carry on with your capacity to show care and compassion to other people. Grow stronger and more powerful as you gain more pride with the combined abilities. Gain confidence and people will see you as a more mature character as you continue to inspire other people that true love is indeed true, after all.

#2 The Timeless Story of Harry Potter and Hermione

There has been a big success in the cosplay of Harry Potter and all of the characters in the show. As we all know, Harry Potter started with novels which involve the fantasy of adventures of the wizard world. Cosplayer love to cosplay Harry Potter because most of the time, they idolize this character. Harry Potter is known to have a scar on his forehead which made him popular. This scar was very symbolic for him and for the development of the story and how the story progresses. The scar looks like a lightning which is placed on the center of his forehead. Cosplayers usually place a mark on their forehead as well to indicate that they have this mark, which made Harry Potter popular in his school. He is usually seen wearing a black robe and his glasses and personal wand. He has luscious hair which most of the time, the cosplayers can copy easily. Another popular character of the Harry Potter series is Hermione Granger. She is considered to be one of the closest friends of Harry Potter. She is very intelligent and often is very smart, and is good in recall and hates to fail. Cosplayers love to cosplay her due to the fact that she has good looking hair which can be easily achieved when cosplayers plan to wear a wig, and bring a wand and their coat which is used as a daily uniform in Hogwarts. What is amazing is that you can easily cosplay Hermione because she has a very pleasant attitude and very pretty face with fewer accessories to wear.

#1 Go Classic with Super Mario and Princess

Definitely, you will recall your timeless encounters with different levels with your favorite Super Mario Game. Not only that! Now is your time to shine to be able to cosplay your favorite classic video game. Wear your red trousers, and your signature mustache with your Kigurumi cap of Super Mario’s cap! The Princess of Super Mario is super easy to cosplay, since all you have to do is to wear your basic and classic white gown, tie your hair into a bun and wear a small crown!

Miscellaneous :: Other Cosplay Ideas

Come and visit our site. Cosplayshopper.com uses their profile pages for the convenience of the customers who are cosplayers or new to cosplaying to choose options for a specific choice or creation of the costume. Any customer would love to shop and look for great deals in this online shop. Size doesn't matter! If you are voluptuous or if you are short than the average height, then you are still considered one of the best and of course, a more special treatment is what you deserve. Definitely, you have the luxury of freedom to choose from any type of cosplay costumes that you have from our site. The choices that you would like have as a a cosplay costume would definitely be within your reach. Cosplaying, nevertheless is a culture and present in a microcosm of limits and possibilities. Cosplay would take a specific context of the society usually taking note of fan conventions or get-togethers.

Beginner cosplay ideas

If you are a beginner in cosplaying, well, let us greet you congratulations and welcome to the club of cosplaying. First of all, ask yourself, what are your desires and plans to be able to cosplay and become the best beginner in cosplaying? Of course, you can begin with your favorite character. Ask yourself, who is your favorite character to begin with? Then you can identify yourself with this favorite character of yours. True enough, one should idolize a specific character or idolize a specific series in the anime or manga world. The important dimension for creating identities in order to identify himself or herself as a specific character of choice will involve not only the identity and the idolization but also the effort to gather the exact cosplay costume and the complete look for that matter. Cosplayers would correspond to hopes, fears, standards, goals, and threats especially for beginners. Mostly all of the cosplayers would aim for something higher which would make them feel appreciated like a certain kind of masterpiece. Cosplaying and the interaction with others, have thus been drastically affected by different factors. Such face-to-face interactions in conventions present in groups can be utilized even if they are all miles apart with the advancements of technology and by the usage of applications like social media. Despite differing opinions about the onset of cosplaying, everyone would certainly agree on the importance of one’s belief in self and the influence in other people’s behaviors, achievement, levels of happiness, and satisfaction in life and in cosplaying.

A major emphasis is given to the experience of a beginner in cosplaying. The self is primarily seen as a vital part of cosplaying. On a bigger scale the personal traits of a cosplayer involving hobbies, work, and school shall be considered as attributes and abilities to define the creating of identity of a person. The self may be considering factors such as gender roles, sexuality, racial identity and many others. Features of self concept also would include the personality, the skills and the occupation, the hobbies, the talents, physical characteristics and the foundation as a beginner.The identity of the cosplayer is not restricted to her past but also to the present and the future. The future would always represent the ideas and the innovation that the cosplayers have for themselves as a solo cosplayer or to a group. Through this exciting process, the future or possible goals would represent the cosplayers’ ideas and aspirations of what they might become and who they want to become.

For Short People


Why don’t you try the Kigurumi Collection when you want to discover cosplaying. Put into mind that this would just be more than your ordinary match of costume and pajamas. This time you can actually turn the ordinary into extraordinary and this would become really comfortable pajamas. You will experience your comfort zone in a different level as we try to provide you with a sheltered feeling in the products that we have. The deal is always a win-win situation. Every form shape and form is available to meet our imagination and you fantasies. As our favorite customer, we want to always favor to your demands and treat you with royalty and majesty.

For Plus Size


Auron of Final Fantasy: This is the moment, once you wear your Auron costume. This becomse your story. It will all begin begin here. You will become the most mysterious and the playable character in the crowd when you wear your Auron and become a warrior with a complex and very mysterious past. Auron wears a deep red with blue lining, kept closed with a thick, black and blue strap with two brown belts wrapped around it. Auron wears a brown shoulder pad on his left shoulder that is intricately decorated with tan, green and blue patterns, with a beaded ornament dangling from it. He wears black pants and shoes, the latter of which have brown straps and triangular metal plating. Auron wears a black shirt with a gray collar with intersecting brown straps that is high enough to cover his mouth. His long hair is dark black with gray streaks and is held back by a gold ribbon, and he seems to have some stubble on his chin.

Cosplay Bob From Tekken: Cosplay like many of the fighting games wherein the players may choose a character to be able to form a lineup, and engage in hand to hand combat with an opponent.

It is always nice to share an idea or two

Hey there Cosplayers! We definitely know that you’ve been dying and craving to share your greatest ideas, tips and reminders of how to be cool and how to be the best cosplayers in town. Of course, the more the merrier! You can share our secrets on how to flaunt your favorite characters. Greatest tips from those people who are always in the arena would be people like you! Your experiences are always treasured. Just visit our Facebook Page and you are always free to comment! Hope to see you there!