Cosplay Wig Out

One of the great things about Cosplay wigs is that they add that finishing touch to the cosplay costumes. Cosplayers often portray their favorite characters with the great help of Cosplay wigs or hair pieces. This being said, it is important to properly take care of your Cosplay wigs in order to extend the life span and get the most wear out of them. Our Cosplay Wig Out video tutorial series will cover the most important points that every Cosplay wig wearer needs to know.

How To Take Care Of Your Cosplay Wig Properly

Cosplaying is one of the fastest-growing hobbies in America, and cosplayers all over the world are living vicariously through their favorite comic book or cartoon characters. You could spend quite a lot of time working on the perfect cosplay outfit, but you must have a great wig if you want to look your best. The majority of great superheroes and cartoon characters have amazing hair, but you must choose a wig that allows you to replicate that hair.

This Cosplay Wig Out series explain how to care for your cosplay wig, and each step in the process will help you protect your initial investment. Wigs are not cheap, and specialty wigs are the jewel in your cosplay crown. Follow each step carefully to ensure that your cosplay wig always looks amazing. Thoughtful care of a wig is essential for anyone who wears a wig on a daily basis, and the wig that brings together your cosplay look is that much more important.

#1: Basic Care For Your Cosplay Wig

Basic care for any wig requires a bit of time and wisdom. The hairs on your wig are likely synthetic, but synthetic fibers are not indestructible. Your wig must be stored in a cool or dry area when not in use. You may find a special box that will hold your wig, or you may keep your wig on a form in your room that does not expose the wig to direct sunlight. Wigs will break down over time under direct lighting, and heat in the room will cause the glue to melt. The fibers in the wig will fall out, and you cannot replace the fibers yourself after they are lost or fall out.

Cosplayers who store their outifts and wigs in a closet must ensure that the room is dehumidified. A humid room will cause your wig to mold, and the fibers in the wig will begin to change shape. A wig with straight hair will no longer be straight, and you cannot use traditional flat irons to straighten the hairs. The back of your closet will help you protect your wig provided the room is dry, and a storage cabinet that is kept in a dry part of your home will protect the wig from damage. You cannot toss around your wig when it is vital to your appearance as your favorite character.

#2: How To Wash Your Wig

Washing your cosplay wig is a careful process you must undertake after long conventions. Cosplayers tend to visit conventions for several days, but the wig is not worn for a few weeks afterward. Washing your wig after extended wear helps keep the wig clean, and the odor of sweat or dead skin will not infect the wig. Treat your wig as you would your favorite shirt. You wear the shirt with pride, but you are careful to wash it delicately.

Washing the interior of your cosplay wig with a soft cloth will wick away any moisture or sweat inside the wig. The moisture and sweat alone will make your wig smell pretty bad, but cleaning after a long period of use will help keep the wig smelling fresh. A soft cloth with warm water a bit of detergent will help keep the wig clean, or you may forgo detergent when your wig is especially delicate.

The hairs in the wig cannot be washed like your own hair, and the hairs themselves will stain if not cleaned immediately. The same principles must be used to ensure your wig is clean at all times. A soft cloth with warm water will get rid of stains, but you must act quickly if something has gotten on your wig. Using anything other than water and a mild soap could damage the fibers on the wig, and a harsh soap could discolor the hairs on the wig. Synthetic fibers cannot be repaired after the fact, and you will need to cover up the blemish or replace your wig.

#3: How To Put Your Wig On

No one throws on their wig in just a few moments, and you must take great care when you are placing your wig on your head. The cap inside the wig is fairly delicate, and your own hairs will stretch or scratch the interior of the wig. Take care to wrap up your own to be hidden inside the wig, and do not allow yourself to run out of time when getting ready. You must slide your wig onto your head slowly, and the wig must be fitted properly the first time.

A wig that moves around on your head is more likely to be damaged, and a wig that falls off your head could be torn or ripped by the fall. A small amount of adhesive may be necessary to help the wig stay in place, but the adhesive must be cleaned off after each wearing. Your wig is a beautiful device that makes you look like your favorite character, but the wig cannot endure layers of adhesive that are caked on over time. Wearing your wig gently helps extend its life by several years, and your tender loving care of the wig will be reflected in its perfect appearance.

#4: How To Style Your Wig

You must style you wig as you would style the hair on a doll. Thin hairbrushes with bristles spaced fair apart will not damage the hairs on your wig as you brush, and you must use styling techniques that do not involve heat. Flat irons and curling irons will melt synthetic fibers, but curling rolls and brush work will help style the hair perfectly.

Spend a sufficient amount of time styling the wig, and ensure that you are happy with the styling before you go out for your first convention. Take note of the methods you used, and you may update or fix the styling on your wig after cleaning. Serious cosplayers travel with their special brushes at all times, and you may fix your styling in a bathroom after considerable practice. A soft touch and steady hand are needed to style a cosplay wig, and you must practice on another wig before styling your own.

Styling for your wig is best done far in advance of your next convention. Cosplayers who attempt to style their wigs quickly often damage their wigs, and you do not have the time or resources to replace the wig. Treat your wig like a hair style that you want to be perfect a few days from now. You get your hair cut, styled and washed at the salon, and you allow your hair to relax for a couple days before the big event.

#5: How To Cut Your Cosplay Wig?

Cutting your cosplay wig is a leap of faith that can only be taken once. You must cut the wig to proper length the first time, and you must study the proportions of your character's hair before you make the first cut. Work with a hair stylist if you are unsure about the styling, or you may wear the wig to a hair stylist's salon. Do not cut your wig until you are absolutely sure what you want.

Using a picture of the character a guide will help you cut the wig, and you may need a special pair of sheers to help layer the hair of certain wigs. Some wigs create simple hairstyles that you can recreate easily, but there are other wigs that must be layered to achieve the appropriate style for the character. Hair stylists are more than happy to help you, or you may cut the wig while it sits on a firm at home.

#6: Some Simple Do's and Don'ts

Every cosplay wig is unique, but all cosplay wigs live in the same universe. You must take care with your wig at all times, and this small list will help you avoid problems that are common among amateur cosplayers.

  • Store your wig carefully inside a box
  • Keep your wig with you at all times
  • Clean your wig after each use
  • Do not check your wig on an airplane or train
  • Do not keep your wig in the trunk of your car
  • Do not keep your wig under direct light
  • Do not let another cosplayer wear your wig

Final Tips for all fellow Cosplay Wig Wearers

Cosplayers are not following the simple rules of caring for their wig will see damage come to their wig often, but cosplayers who are careful may use the same wig for decades without incident. You should not check your wig on a plane or train. The extreme temperature changes in baggage compartment are no good for your wig, and the wig could be damaged if it is inspected by a TSA agent.

Keeping your wig under direct light will fade the hairs, and allowing another cosplayer to wear your wig will stretch the cap in unflattering ways. A wig that you have fitted to your own head perfectly will cease to be useful when you are allowing other people to wear it at conventions.

You must not treat your cosplay wig as if it is your own hair, and you must ensure that you are treating the wig with care. Your favorite character may be a free spirit, but a wig is too expensive to be treated like a cheap accessory. The suggestions in this article will help keep your wig in the best condition possible, and you will never find yourself in an uncomfortable or awkward situation.