Hetalia: Axis Powers Wigs

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The Axis Powers Hetalia is by Hidekaz and was adapted to form several drama, CD and anime series. The series covers representations of the world’s nations and the main story line of World War One and world War Two. There are also stories set in earlier and more modern eras. The series is named after the main character Italy also known as Hetalia. The country of Germany during World War One is in search of a goal, and that is to find the heir to the empire of Anient Rome. They eventually find Italy hididng in a crate. They take him as a captive. Thereafter, living with him to start the Workd War One, Italy takes it upon himself and became Germany’s ally. The two soon joined by Japan, though the three wind up having to deal with the powerful Allied forces of Russia, China, France, England and America. Enjoy wearing colorful wigs because the Hetalia series is notable for its large, colorful cast of characters. Each of the characters represents a nation, complete with the stereotypes attributed to it. The original webcomic initially focused on the nations of the Axis Powers vs. the Allied Forces, with the cast quickly expanding to include others.