Code Geass Wigs

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Code Greass is a Japanese anime series created by Goru Taniguchi and Ichiro Okouchi. All of the story is set in the future and the series focuses on how the former prince obtains power to Greass and decide to let go of the Holy Britannian Empire to be able to conquer various countries. The TV anime series has been well-received in Japan, selling over a million DVDs. The series is set in an alternative present era where the world is split into three superpowers. These three superpowers are Britannia, the Euro Universe and the Chinese Federation. In turn, Britannia effectively strips Japan and its citizens of all rights and freedoms and renames the country Area 11 with its citizens referred to as Elevens. Lelouch learns that his father and mother, whose Geass allowed her to possess a girl after her death, were searching for C.C. to use her power to make the Ragnarök Connection. This is a method in which the world would be remade according to Charles' will. Lelouch was able to stop the Ragnarök Connection with his Geass, erasing his parents' existences in the process. Now allied with C.C. and Suzaku, Lelouch declares himself Britannia's 99th emperor. As Emperor, Lelouch uses his Geass to make Britannia follow him, he then initiates a military rebellion while freeing Japan as part of his "Zero Requiem" plan. Wear your wigs and be ready to attack any battle for that matter.