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The series revolves around the elite high school, Hope's Peak Academy which, every year, selects several "Ultimate" students, talented high school students who are in the top of their field, along with one average "Ultimate Lucky Student" who is chosen by lottery. Danganronpa started as a game and developed into an anime later on. A manga has also been developed as a result of the popularity of the game. The game is broken into three specific games. The first one has two main styles to it; school life and class trial. School Life follows a standard visual novel style as players explore the school grounds, converse with characters and move the story forward. During designated 'Free Time' sections, players can choose to interact with a character of their choice. You can learn more about them and earning new skills that can help them in the Class Trial. School Life is divided up into two sections; Daily Life, where the story simply progresses, and Deadly Life, where players must search for evidence relating to a murder. The Class Trial is the main gameplay mode of the series, in which students discuss amongst themselves who the culprit is. This involves various different types of mini-games. Here, characters will automatically discuss the case, and it is up to the player to spot contradictions in their statements and shoot them using "Truth Bullets" containing the corresponding evidence.