Diabolik Lovers Wigs

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Diabolik lover’s centers around a girl named Yui who has become part of a family of vampires! She was told to go live with them by her father who is a priest. When she arrives she is greeted by no one. So she promptly opens the mansion door and then sees no one around inside. When she goes further into the estate she notices a man sleeping on the couch. Yui suspects the person to be dead. As she screams in panic to dial 911, the man grabs her and pins her to the couch. She is beyond startled as she also finds out that there are more people like him around. They appear in front of her and she finds out that each of them are vampires. She is living in a house filled with vampires! The story follows young Yui as she tries to figure out why her father has sent her to this place as well as figure out these strange men she has to live with. Each man she meets has vastly different personalities compared to the other. All of them want her just because of her blood. Take a journey into the world of darkness with Diabolik lovers!