Inu x Boku SS Wigs

Find quality Inu x Boku SS (Youko × Boku) cosplay wigs here with us. We do our best to make sure that all our Inu x Boku SS wigs are the best you can ever come across online or offline. Shop one today and start discovering your character with a little bit of our help!

Enjoy the Inu Boku wigs for this high security apartment building is where humans with demon ancestors live. You may be fully be amazed as each would be guarded with their own Secret Service bodyguard. Wear the interesting wig of the girl named Ririchiyo Shirakiin who always wishes for peace and quiet. You will interestingly find the service of the secret service agent. Yo may opt to chose Ririchiyo Shirakiin being half-human and half-demon high school girl who transferred to Room 4 of the Ayakashi Mansion in order to live alone. You have the independent charms of being constantly worried about not being able to communicate with other people in the proper manner. Ririchiyo was killed at the age of 16. She tried to stop the enemy in a raid. She suffered from amnesia and the trauma of losing Sōshi as protection. Once she does remember, she gains a resolution to protect everyone else. As gratitude for everything she makes coffee for Sōshi coffee. Wigs for Soshi is interesting since he is the reincarnation of the evil Nine-Tailed Fox. With a very calm, polite, and gentle attitude to people, he has a soft spot for his mistress. He obeys her and protects her with his life whatever happens. Why not try to wear the wig of Rensho ang become a demon with several tattoos on his tanned skin. Enjoy the very lazy personality of this character. Waer the wig of Nobara who is a known SS Agent assigned to Renshō. Wear your wig and your glasses in the human form. For sure you will enjoy fashion and cute girls for these are your interests. Unfortunately, she has no interest in men. If you plan to wear the wig of Kagero Shokiin, you will live in you your attitude of being eccentric, straightforward, and a narcissist. Plain self love. Karuta on the other hand has a wig which is light brown in color. She appears to be in the zone all the time. She is actually very clever, observant, and likes eating. She also sports a short hair, and her breasts are bigger than in her previous life. Banri is a demon with an impulsive streak and is very outspoken. He is also known as a delinquent. will give you the opportunity to portray the characters in an amazing way. There is always a character that will stand out the most and that would be in the activity of cosplaying by you including the characteristics that make you root for that character.

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