Kagerou Project Wigs

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Also known as Heat Haze Project, it is based off of Vocaloid songs. A Vocaloid is a computer voice program that you can customize to sing songs for you as well as dance with the right programming. The song series was created by Jin and the story goes is that a group of unusual teenagers have eye-related powers and they are known as Mekakushi Dan. The series’ first kicked off after Kagerou Daze, the first installment of the songs, became popular on a very well-known video sharing site, Niconico. The song itself grossed over 3 million people watching it and became the most popular song that was part of the project. A manga adaptation came out based on the songs as well as an anime. The plot goes along that Shintaro Kisaragi is a NEET which is also known as someone who is socially withdrawn from others and stays inside most of the time. He has not left his room in two years and is happy with just staying inside. He is forced to go out when he spills soda on his computer. He is met with the group Mekakushi Dan when he goes to buy a new computer. They force him to join their group. The story follows each of the members of the gang as well as Shintaro and his sister and how they use their special eye powers.