League of Legends Wigs

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League of Legends is a multiplayer game that involves PVP or bot battles. The player controls a champion throughout the game. There are around 119 champions to choose from. All of them are classified under a certain type such as assassin, tank, etc. Players level up from killing the other champions that they are versing. They also have to destroy the turret which is the whole objective of the gameplay. There are different modes to the game as well. There is Tutorial mode, custom mode, classic mode, dominion mode, ARAM (all random all mid) mode, One for all mode, for all: mirror mode, showdown, hexakill mode, ultra rapid fire mode, and finally doom bots of doom mode. Classic mode is typically what is played. League is also a session-based game which you match-make in order to match up with different players and teams. Classic mode is described as a normal ranked match in which teams win by destroying the enemy team’s Nexus, which can only be attacked if all the lane turrets and the inhibitor in least one lane and all base turrets are destroyed. League of Legends is very popular and is for all ages. There are also tournaments based on the game in which players verse each other in the game.