Vampire Knight Wigs

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You will definitely love cosplaying and wear your full accessories including your wigs when you plan to delight yourself in the Vampire world. The Knight is an anime and manga series created by Matsuri Hino. The story starts when the character whose name is Yuuki had his earliest memory from a stormy night in winter, where she was attacked by a vampire. Wear your wigs to scare all of your worries away as you become a delightful vampire for everyone. Thereafter she was rescued by another vampire. Ten years after the incident, Cross Yuuki has become the adopted daughter of the head of the Academy wherein she studies. She has grown up and became a guardian of the vampire race, protecting her childhood crush, Kaname, from discovery as he leads a group of vampires at the elite boarding school. But also at her side is Kiryuu Zero, a childhood friend who’s hatred for the creatures that destroyed everything he held dear, is now determined never to trust them. This coexisting arrangement seems all well and good, but have the vampires truly renounced their murderous ways, or is there a darker truth behind their actions. Because in this world of secrets, nothing is as it seems. And the price of misplaced trust may even be worse than death.