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per page will help you choose your preferred character. This only means that your preferred character may range from your most favorite character or even the character that you find very challenging to set the limits. Enjoy cosplaying the utopian science and fantasy manga by Kozue Amano which is originally titled Aqua. You will enjoy the series is set in the 24th century on a Mars, now named Aqua. It focuses on an young woman named Akari Mizunashi, wherein she trains herself as an apprentice gondolier. Cosplaying is actually known to become one of the favorite leisure activities of cosplayers who are inclined to the craft of dressing up, having fun by extensively using the creativity and at the same time, in meeting new friends and joining for the pleasure of entertainment. The real expression of love of cosplaying is by expressing one’s deep passion about desired amines and favorite character and by extensively incorporating all the aspects of cosplaying, such as choosing the perfect costume, wearing make-up and matching up all the accessories which will be needed. In is in fact known to be a serious craft and almost everyone engaging into this art wants to have their cosplaying experience called perfect. We are very fortunate to have as a shop to cater to our wants and needs in cosplaying.

We want you to be praised by your cosplaying fans for your beautiful costume only from Aqua and Aria take place in the early 24th century, starting in 2301 AD, in the city of Neo-Venezia on the planet Aqua. Akari arrives from Manhome formerly called Earth to become a trainee. As she trains, Akari befriends her mentor Alicia, trainees and seniors from rival companies – Aika, Alice, Akira and Athena and others characters in the Neo-Venezia city. We want you to feel the pleasure of cosplaying Akari who is a native of Japan on Manhome who immigrates to Aqua when she is 15 years old. Become optimistic and cheerful everytime you cosplay. would help you find enjoyment in things or events such as conventions and gatherings when you wear our products. You might also try cosplaying Alicia who is known as the White Fairy. Use your costume to emulate a graceful rowing style. She was promoted to Prima at 15, the youngest ever to do so. We want you to be relaxed and easy-going when yo coslay so we will be an excellent instrument to give you the ability to enjoy everything in the field of cosplaying. Cosplay Akino and become famous and make everyone respect you with your craft in cosplaying. Cosplay Aika who speaks bluntly and often responds to Akari's idealistic comments and for sure you will not be embarrassed. Despite with your unique style and flavor, cosplayshoopper will unite your contrasting personalities and will make you want to cosplay more.

We want you to consider our shop to be reliable and worthy of providing excellent quality of cosplay costumes. You will be proud of our skills and you will be loving to compete in any cosplay contest while wearing our products. Akira is called the Crimson Rose and is popular for her conversational skills. When you cosplay we want you to have many admirers also among our other customers, especially both the male and female ones., Akira is shown to act like a tomboy, however, she has a good heart. Be a cheerful cosplayer as you cosplay Ayumi who makes lots of money. Alice is an undine for Orange Planet. For sure you will become sociable when you cosplay. Become confident with all of your skills and for sure you will enjoy everything about your talents and performances. Athena Glory is known for her heavenly voice and beautiful singing skills. She is Alice's mentor at Orange Planet. She is quiet most of the time and retires to become an opera singer. Akari's first customer as a Single. He is a tall, impatient young man who works as an apprentice Salamander. Estimate you capabilities and at the same time, make sure that at the end of the line of strenuous planning, you will get the regard and the honor that you truly and deeply deserve. Some would choose the character to hold in greater favor and choose what would benefit their self-esteem and their ego. Make sure that you could holistically pick a character suitable for your wants and plans, at the end of the day, the decision will all depend on you. You should have a thorough assessment and study the role because it would be a challenge for you to understand perfectly the role give, if you barely have any idea on how to portray and execute your plan. Cosplay focuses on the role and the identity that you could cater to yourself. You should not be overly stressing yourself.