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Whether it’s a children’s or adults’ party, you want to choose a theme that’s unique, and that will appeal to all guests. A Kugurumi-themed party is a good choice because it allows everyone to be creative and for adults, it gives them the chance to relive their childhood memories. To make the party more interesting, show some DVDs of animes for guests and for snacks serve some popular Japanese snacks such as tempura-fried shrimp or chicken tenders, domburino(rice topped with eggs or meat and vegetables), and yakitori (grilled chicken in soya sauce). Here are other ways you can make your Kigurumi-themed party interesting.

Kigurumi Mask Contest

One idea for the party is to hold a Kigurumi mask contest in which everyone competes for a prize. If you need ideas for your mask, you can watch some animes on Cartoon Network or purchase DVDs of Japanese-language children’s programs with English subtitles to see what type of costume would work for you. Another way to get ideas for a Kugurumi mask is to look for a plain one and decorate it in a way that best suits you. For example, if you’re a chef who loves seafood, get pictures of different species of fish and draw them on the mask. Another idea for your Kigurumi mask is purchase one that resembles your pet. If you have a brown greyhound dog, you can get two masks that look like him so both of you can look like twins. If you have a Dalmatian, there are several Kugurumi masks that look like these dogs. For prizes, you can give the winners a gift basket of Japanese food or if the winner is a teenager, you can give him a bag of Japanese-language cartoons or sitcoms with English subtitles.

Decorating Kugurumi Masks with Children

If this is a children’s party, you can decorate Kugurumi masks with the little guests. First give each child a plain mask then give them decorative supplies such as glitter, colored glue, Sharpie markers, crayons, stickers of anime characters and tiny photos of trees or animals. Pair the group in twos so the children can decorate the Kugurumi masks and build their social skills. Once the children finish, let them wear the masks and hold a skit for the audience.

Finding a Kugurumi Hat

Now that you’ve planned the party and have your outfit, you’ll need a Kugurumi hat. Some good places to purchase this hat include online party supplies and costume shops, local Kigurumi costume stores and Kigurumi shops. Ebay also sells nice Kugurumi hats but be cautious because some sellers offer bogus or low-quality Kugurumi hats. If you attend local anime conventions you can find a good Kigurumi hat there. Urban Outfitters also carries Kugurumi hats. If you have some Japanese friends who wear Kugurumi outfits ask them where you can get a Kugurumi hat. If you know someone who will travel to Japan soon, ask them if they can bring some Kugurumi hats for your upcoming party.