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Find quality The Gentlemen Alliance Cross (Shinshi Doumei Cross) cosplay here with us. We do our best to make sure that all our The Gentlemen Alliance Cross costumes are the best you can ever come across online or offline. Shop one today and start discovering your character with a little bit of our help!

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per page would like you to give you the happiness and joy of cosplaying your favorite characters from the series written and illustrated by Arina Tanemura. For sure you will enjoy cosplaying Haine Otomiya who is 15 years old student who is enjoying the life in high school in the Imperial Academy which is an elite private school. We always want to surprise you and enhance your determination to cosplay the right way with the products that we offer and to add to your collection of costumes and accessories. You can choose to cosplay Haine who is the main character of the series and who is also the body guard of the student council president. She may not be very bright when it comes to studies but she has a very good heart and her intentions are most of the time pure. She was adopted in the Otomiya family when she turned ten years old for the price of fifty million yen. At first she thoug that her father sold her for not being good enough but in reality, the intention was to return her to her real father. Haine is able to reconcile with her father thereafter. She also had a happy life thereafter with Itsuki and married Ryouka when she realized that now Kusame would become the heir to the Otomiya Company. Haine turned into a juvenile delinquent. However it was not too late for her to change her ways. Every time there false teeth comes off, it is said that Haine becomes a beast. If you want to cosplay Takanari, you can be considered as the emperor of the student council and at the same time, Shizumasa's older twin brother.

You do not have to feel cold and distant from other glamorous cosplayers but just be influenced by the choices that we have for you. You can always be the best at your own style with the help of our costumes which are full of quality and guarantees you that you will have the cosplay costume that you deserve and wished for. You don’t need to feel the hatred in cosplaying because we want to make you life in cosplaying more interesting and loving. Cosplay like a real Emperor who is revered by almost everyone at Imperial Academy. You do not have to be super rich and famous because what we offer are affordable costumes with the best quality. We want your love for cosplaying to develop more like the way you will develop a loving relationship with us as your favorite shop. Become a real gentleman and become a loving woman when you cosplay with all the costumes that we would offer. You can also choose to purchase wigs on our site.

It is good to know that you have a wide variety to choose from the wigs that we offer. Try our wigs and you will fulfill your passion to be a real cosplayer. It is also good to not that there is a slight difference between the hair of Takanari and Shizumasa. It is Shizumasa's hair which is parted on his right. It is revealed that he has leukemia and needs Takanari's bone marrow to live, but reveals that he was planning to die all along. Ushio is the secretary of the student council and is very protective of her. She constantly tells Haine that Haine is all she needs in life to be happy and regards Haine as being more than just a friend, although Haine herself doesn't realize it at first. The treasurer and the brains of the Student Council is Yoshitaka Ichinomiya. His parents are fashion designers. The vice president of the student council is Maguri who is Takanari’s best friend in school. The vice president of the student council is Maguri. At the beginning of the series, he is known to be the secret lover of Takanari, When Haine becomes Takanari's girlfriend, Haine realizes that Maguri's feelings for Takanari are real. Maguri graciously gives up and pursues the Mailman, only to find out that he is really Maora. Maora gets angry at him for being so weak, since when they were younger, they were laughed at by their parents for saying they wanted to marry one another. Maguri realizes that he too loves Maora and promises that he will become stronger for Maora's sake.The former Emperor of the student council and secret boyfriend of the Bronze, Maika. Later, Haine finds out that he is and always has been her real father, and that Kazuhito Kamiya was not. Kazuhito offered to adopt Haine to become a member of the Otomiya heir. Kazuhito discloses to Maika that the actual reason behind his adoption was that he was returning Haine to her his real biological father. Itsuki remains unaware that Haine is his biological daughter, but later finds out. After adopting Haine, he later falls in love with and marries Ryouka.