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Good news to all cosplayers! We are proud to announce that this time, has another surprise! What’s great is that Cosplayshopper is completely "Cross play friendly!" All our costumes and products for cosplaying can be made for both the male and female genders. In simple terms, for example you want to cosplay a character that is in another gender, which is opposite to what you really are in nature – then NO PROBLEM at all! But of course, it is our customers’ demands and requests which we, in Cosplayshopper would always prioritize. You may be female, then no worries if you want to cosplay a male character. You may be male, and you may want to cosplay a female genre - then would be here to cater to your needs! We understand your great passion of exploring and doing something new and beyond the status quo. On every costume page in the website, you can find a "tailor made" option, which allows a any customer to choose either gender and appropriate body measurements for that matter. For this great deal, just add $15 on top of the costume price that you have chosen which will be tailor-made just exactly and uniquely for you.

What is "Cross Play"

Crossplay can be only an occasional practice, enacted because the player likes a certain character of the opposite gender. It can be motivated by a player's preference for a certain outfit despite the gender of the character. Crossplayers are known to be players who dress up as characters of the other gender. Meaning a guy of dress up and cosplay as a girl, and a girl would cosplay and dress up as a guy. Some crossplayers enjoy the challenge of behaving like a member of a different gender, while others see themselves as publicly declaring the fluidity of gender. Additionally, crossplayers choose their characters according to more than merely gender. This practice is occasional and the motivations of crossplayers, for instance, vary. Forms of dressing up such as cosplay and drag combine a sense of identity and playfulness with the wearing of an outfit. Moreover, cosplay and crossplay give us a different view which is not confined to gender or political interventions here but involves a range of cultural evolution. It is not only the subject determined by practices, but a continued evolution of the trend of the cosplayer as being him- or herself, and how she or he uses culture.

Drag can be performed at a carnival, theater, or at times in political interventions when there are protest and revolutions. Drag, however, happens in other contexts as well such as in the field of cosplaying. Here, drag and cosplay explicitly come together and merge into the subgenre of crossplay. Cross dressers sometimes become the targets of ridicule and will be subjected with harassment from their same gender this is due to gender issues wherein the male cross dressers will be surrounded by men who would do things in public that would be unthinkable if done with a girl. This would fall on the cluster of being out of bound of the norms of the society such as holding the shoulders, their hands, their waists, kiss their cheeks. However, these people should know their limitations. This is with the same case with the female crossplayers and their fans. Some actually would be automatically think that if you cross-dress, you have no morals and would be easily game with anything they can image you can do, since you had the guts to wear a skirt if you were a man or wear tight bandages to imitate a flat chest to become like a man when you are a woman. There should always be a strong sense of common sense and decency to the cross dressers and the fans alike. And to the cross dressers, there should be more vigilance the effect of cross-dressing. In most countries that play host to hobbyists who would call themselves cosplayers. In contrast to some of these social stigmas, most females who crossplay are not actually homosexual or transgendered and simply enjoy the art of dressing up as their favorite character. For these crossplayers, it is no different from an actress playing a male role. Male-to-female crossplayers are somewhat more common outside of Japan. In recent years, however, anime conventions have seen an increase in the number of Male to Female crossplayers who put a formidable amount of preparation and effort into the ruse of a female persona. Some males, particularly teenagers, frequently manage to recreate a striking image of femininity that can fool most unsuspecting bystanders.