Halloween Cosplay Costumes 2019

Halloween Cosplay Costumes 2019

Order Early to Make Sure Your Costume is Delivered in Good Time For Halloween!

Every year just before Halloween we get a number of frantic emails from desperate costume buyers and cosplayers wanting to place a last minute order for costumes. Although we hate to do it, we occasionally have to disappoint a few people because we have already had our last courier collection before Halloween. Please take a look at our latest shipping and ordering schedule below to make sure your costume doesn't miss out this Halloween:

  1. We offer a flat Expedited Shipping ($19.5 USD) via FeDex, UPS, and DHL
  2. Estimate delivery time: 10-23 business days to major destinations

Important Reminder to Halloween Costume Buyers

The last day to order before Halloween is Sunday October 7th. We will do our very best to ensure all orders placed before noon are shipped that day, to be delivered by October 30th. To help us fulfill that deadline, if you can avoid ordering at the last minute please do so.

We know too well that Halloween is a busy time for us all. Please order as early as you can and we will do my best to make sure we get your costumes to you in good time.