How to Make a Big Braid for Your Cosplay Wig

Cosplay Wig Out - Episode 02

Video Transcription

Hey Cosplay Shopper fans! Welcome come back for anther episode of Cosplay Wig Out. I am Nana and today I am gonna teach you to braid your wig.

How to Make a Braid (Basic)

We are going to do a really big braid today just in case. Just to teach you the basic of how braid hair. You are gonna comb it out and you're gonna part them into three big chunks. It doesn't really matter how big the chunks are. It's up to your preference. Just make sure there are three strings and they are separated. The first thing you wanna do is to take one that is farthest away from the other string and you wanna cross them over into an X (like this). So you should get this and put them over and you are gonna take the other one and you are going to bring it over. You are going to continue to loop it underneath. You gonna go over and under and pull thru. You gonna continue doing this until you get a braid. Look this is your braid.

Thanks for watching. That's what we have for today. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comment or contact us. Don't forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching.

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