How to Take Care of Your Wigs

Cosplay Wig Out - Episode 01

One of the great things about Cosplay wigs is that they add that finishing touch to the cosplay costumes. Cosplayers often portray their favorite characters with the great help of Cosplay wigs or hair pieces. This being said, it is important to properly take care of your Cosplay wigs in order to extend the life span and get the most wear out of them. This video tutorial will cover the most important points that every Cosplay wig wearer needs to know.

Video Transcription

No Heat!

Hi Cosplay Shopper fans, I am Nana. Today we will be teaching you how to take care of your wig. Wigs are very dedicated. That means "no heat"! You can not use curling iron, flat iron or straightener. A blow dryer is acceptable but only from the distance. Meaning it can only be used at least a foot away. Any closer and you will be melting it. You can use curling iron as long as it's below 100 degrees.

Alway from Middle to Bottom

And when you combing your wigs, you should never go from top to bottom. Always start from the middle and gently work your way down. If you start from the top, you are pulling out lots of strength and it's not good for the wig cap. So always go gently from the middle to the bottom.

Find Right Brushes

Big paddle brushes and these kinda brushes are very good for your wig. It will straighten your wig and pull out all the strength that will destroy your wig. Unless you are using these kinda rolling brushes to style your wig and that's alright. Wrapping around. That's fine.

Shaper Spray Extra Hold Spray

You should never use any type of gel or any extra hold spray on your wig. Your wig is very very dedicated. You should use a fine kinda shaper spray. Shaper sprays are very flexible and do not contain a lot of chemical so they are not harmful to your wig (not as harmful).

Secret Weapon: Fabric Softener

And now when it gets rainy or humid or hot outside, your wig will collect a lot of moisture and that will freeze and will cling together. You do not want that static. So you can avoid that just by using a little bit of fabric softener. Maybe like a dime size or quarter size depending on how long your wig is. The thicker and longer it is, the more fabric softener you will use. I recommend about a dime size for about this length of hair.

Thanks for watching and that's what we have for today. Any more questions, please leave comments and be sure to subscribe!

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