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Find quality Ouran High School Host Club (Ouran Koukou Host Club) cosplay here with us. We do our best to make sure that all our Ouran High School Host Club costumes are the best you can ever come across online or offline. Shop one today and start discovering your character with a little bit of our help!

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Cosplay is a form of art and a craft which transforms a fan’s own identity. The actualization of a favorite story and incorporating it with a close connection to a character of choice connects the cosplayer, the cosplay community and the fan’s own identity with the character, all together. Ouran High School Host Club, touches an important aspect in cosplaying, which is cross-playing or otherwise known as cross-dressing. This is a process wherein a specific gender would wear the opposite of the given sets of clothing which is particularly associated with the society’s morals and cultural preference of what a specific gender should wear as a dresser. In simple terms, men would wear clothing suitable for females, and females would wear the clothing suitable for men. This is dictated by certain norms followed time immemorial since every civilization and the smallest unit of community, all made specific distinctions between male and female clothing. Such norms may be altered as to specific type of clothing, the style, the colors and other details such as the accessories. Cosplayers and those who like to explore and experiment in the world of fashion and cosplaying will definitely fall in love characters of the Ouran High School Host Club. Come on over and start to cosplay Haruchi Fujioka and the other members of the club. This is a manifestation of the distinct art called Bishounen. This term means “a beautiful boy”, “pretty boy”, or “beautiful youthful boy”. Such appeal and beauty of the young man especially in manga, anime and cosplaying, transcends the boundaries and midline basis of gender and sexual orientation. This is depicted though silky and flowing hair, long upper and lower limbs, bright and slender eyes, thick and long eyelashes and sex appeal, mostly having a feminine face. You will have the luxury to be able to enjoy all of the cosplay costumes from this series. Mix and match your cosplay outfits as you try the costumes of the Ouran Academy Host Club. Do not be shy to experiment. You have the freedom to aim to be different and try being chic and hot. Try Haruhi's short hair as your hair-do. Use your suave attire and gender-ambiguous look. Ouran High School Host Club costumes are very suitable for kindergarten to college degrees and all ages as well.

Wear your favorite Cosplay Costume from the Club and try to audition on affiliations so you can feel the sensation of being a student who deals with challenges in school. There are also occasional moments wherein the characters will make you want to feel just like a student for your whole life. Make these students your idols to get a high rank in school and in the university where you are in. You can also wear your cosplay costume to school and enjoy the freedom of your gender and sexuality. Wear your Cosplay Costume as a natural and gentle type, and for sure you will have lots of admirers. Wear your cosplay costume and, who knows, you might eventually fall in love with your style and make other admire you for your boldness. The story of Ouran High School Host Club revolves with the main character named Harushi. She is a bright highschool student and is known for her intelligence. She has a scholarship grant in the prestigious university named Ouran Academy, a school for the ultra-wealthy bracket of elite people who have the money and resources. The majority of students in this school are elite. The students in the each class came from wealthy, rich and powerful families. They also cater to outstanding students. The family backgrounds of each class will be given top priority over those rich families with lesser influence. In special cases and instances, the university would provide and give grants to exceptional students from a lower income bracket. This will enable to support them with merit scholarships, which aid these students with their financial needs and educational support. Hence, people coming from the lower bracket of the economy will be given the chance to study, just like the case of Harushi.

Due to Harushi’s poor status in life, she could not afford even a school uniform. One unfortunate day, she stumbles across the well-known and popular Ouran Host Club and accidentally breaks a vase. She was in a state to become unable to pay for it, hence, she's told that she'll have to stay and do odd jobs. She needed to join the club due to the fact that she just needed to compensate and pay her obligations and all her debts. This group comprises of six male students. The members of the said group would meet and have gatherings in order to entertain females and clients who are girls. As a new host herself, she used the male attire for the club This is also her case when it caused her to be mistaken by the hosts for a male student in the university. The hosts all came into an agreement that Haruhi has the potential to become a good host and they all agreed for her to join the Club. Feel the love and delight yourself as you get hooked on the romantic story of the funny story of Ouran High School Host Club. Laugh all your worries away as the story of Ouran High School Host Club primarily focuses on relationships that one would handle and deal in school, which would help the foundation of a person to manage life. This encompasses the challenges in and out of socialization, clubs and organization. Most of all, enjoy cosplaying with your costumes and accessories!